Connecting Photo Frame Startup

Photo (left to right) Eli, Kamila, Olivia, Rosse, Caleb, Kerin, Wolfgang

After two years of design, team Eleframes presented at the World Maker Faire in New York City. We helped over 600 participants die cut their own Eleframes kit and taught them all about our prototyping process.

Eleframes started as a Christmas present for my mom. Gazment Sosoli, helped me turn it into something amazing. We took the idea through numerous competitions, taught ourselves the ins and outs of running an effective team, and became great friends in the process.


Quadcopter Design and Programming

Autonomous Landing : Vision systems that map and avoid obsticles on the ground.

photo (left to right) Rosse, Tyler Hayslette

Sophomore year of college was dedicated to programming quadcopters. This is a photo of my first public flight. I told 10 friends I would fly my quadcopter at 2PM. At 1:45 I decided to test the copter to make sure all systems were operating correctly. (I wanted to put on a good show) Tyler and Ashlesha were my only witnesses, as I flipped my quadcopter (on the test run) and destroyed the system. When the rest of my friends showed up I had to laugh and postpone the flight due to my spectacular mishap.



Just a Guy, a Nikon, and an instatiable cureosity

photo(left to right) Caleb Gates, Rosse Gates

Caleb bought 200 tea light candles at a tag sale with this photo in mind. We had no clue how it would come out. This was our final take after an 20 minutes of adjusting the shutterspeed and repositioning ourselves to mazimize reflection of the candles into the camera. We had a great time while the rest of our family begged us not to catch on fire.


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We are all makers, creators, and genuinly fun people to be around

Stephen Hawes

Maker: Backpack flamethrowers, Prosthetics, Aeroponics, etc...

Caleb Gates

Front End Developer

Drew Gates

Back End Developer

Patrick Belanger

Digital Media and Design. Game Developer

Mike Morton

Front End Developer.

Justin Hall

UConn Student - Modivated Leader